Buyer Guarantee

Some of us are worried about getting a sudden job transfer, the possibility of a growing family, or some other event in the near future that we postpone buying a home and oftentimes continue the cycle of wasting money on rent. The Adams Group Buyer Guarantee alleviates that fear! If you need to sell your home within the first two years of purchase, we will resell your home for you at no charge for our services. We understand that life is unexpected and that things happen, that's why we created our Buyer's Guarantee.

Trade-up Program

What do you do if the home of your dreams is contingent on the sale of your current home? The last thing we want our buyers to struggle with is paying two mortgages. The Adams Group extends our promise to clients with our exclusive Trade-Up Program. If you need to sell your home in order to purchase a new one, we guarantee the sale of your home within 57 days at the appraised value. If it doesn’t sell there is no charge for our services.

Instant New-Property Notification

One of the tools that we use in order to make certain that nothing slips through the cracks is our Buyer Instant Notification. Emails with the newest listings that meet your wish list criteria are sent directly to your inbox. Or, if you prefer, our agents will screen each property to ensure it is exactly what you want before getting to your inbox. We understand that your time is valuable. The instant property notification ensures you're not overflowing with unwanted properties.

Free Property Leasing

Are you keeping your home as a rental? If you are not ready to become a landlord quite yet, The Adams Group can help. When you purchase a new home with The Adams Group and you plan to keep your current home as a rental, we will lease up the rental property for the first year free. After the first year, if you prefer to keep our services for leasing management our rates run as low as 6% of the annual lease term. All property maintenance is completed by our trusted vendors & handled by us to take the burden off your shoulders. Our property leasing services include; advertising the property, screening each potential tenant, leasing arrangements, yearly inspections, and move in/out processes. Whether you want to downsize, upgrade, or just gain extra income from rental properties The Adams group is here to help.